Course Description

This program is a practical and very comprehensive program for anyone who chairs meetings.

Whether you chair meetings at work, at your local sporting club, a charity or not-for-profit organisation, a board, or your property owners meeting, this program will give you heaps of tips and strategies to make your role easier and more effective.

When meetings are chaired well, the outcomes are always better.

People who have great chairing skills are respected and held in high regard.

People who chair meetings well at work get noticed and are given responsibilities and often promotions.

There's no "fluff" in this program. It's solid practical information you can use immediately.

Apart from the introductory module, you can work through in any order and at your own pace.

The Meetings Man

David Julian Price

David Julian Price has been working with organisations large and small throughout the world to make their meetings more productive. He has been doing that for 30 years. He is the author of several books about meetings and is known for his no-nonsense straightforward approach.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    The Basics - Watch these first

    • Clarifiying the Terminology

    • Types of Meetings

    • Where do People Learn Chairing Skills?

  • 3

    The Essential Things You Need in Your Chairmanship Toolbox

    • The Essential Tools You Need in Your Toolbox

    • The Agenda

    • How to prepare a Modern Agenda

    • Setting Groundrules

    • You Need a Sixth sense

    • Sense of humour - it helps

    • Be Crystal Clear about Outcomes

  • 4

    Your Role as the Chair

    • Your Role

    • Setting the Tone & the Atmosphere

    • The Secret Sauce of Chairmanship

  • 5

    Important Understandings

    • Listen Way More Than You Speak

    • The Triple GN formula

    • Be Organised and Precise

    • The Big "I"

    • The 3 "E's"

    • Bias - What you need to understand

    • Confirmation Bias - a potential timebomb

    • The "3 F's"

    • Setting the Tone and Atmosphere

  • 6

    Formalities & Technicalities

    • Formalities & Protocols

    • Authorities

  • 7

    Difficult Situations

    • Dealing With Conflict

    • Handling Hostile Meetings

    • Service & Power Participants

    • Dealing with the Dark Side of People

  • 8

    Types of Chairing Styles

    • Characteristics of people who run a great meeting (and those who have a bit to learn)

    • Characteristics of the "Service" Chairperson and the "Power" Chairperson

    • Service and the Power Chairmanship

    • Being the President

  • 9

    Decision Making

    • Decision Making & Implementation

    • Consensus

    • Casting Vote or Second Vote

    • Voting - different methods

  • 10

    Other Issues

    • Minutes - what you need to know

    • Minute Taking for the 21st Century

    • Sample Action Status Report

  • 11

    Resources for More Information

    • Other Resources

  • 12

    Bonus Stuff

    • How to Chair a Meeting - Audio Interview with Robyn Henderson

    • How to Chair a Meeting - Transcript of Audio Program

    • Meeting Procedure Made Easy - Ebook

    • Sample "Charge" which can be modified and read at meetings - particularly Not for Profit groups

    • Going Through the Motions - Ebook

    • The Meeting Toolbox - Ebook

    • Bill of Rights for Meetings - a useful document

    • 49 Tips to make Your Meetings More Effective